Anyone can use Kodu!

Kodu can be taught by any teacher, no previous programming expertise required. Ages 8 and up typically have the most success learning Kodu. Share your stories with our community, or contact us directly to tell us your Kodu story.

 Eager Koders in a local Windows store.      


Need Kodu challenges designed especially for a classroom setting?

Investigate our Kodu Touch Primer, consisting of five, one hour experiences with Kodu Game Lab and targeted to those interested in learning about programming a Touch version of Kodu.

Kodu: Mars Edition shows what it is like to explore the surface of Mars with three new curriculum pieces.

"Water All Around Us" provides three lessons themed around water and designed explore the ways in which water connects humans, animals and weather within ecosystems.

Kodu Classroom Kit for Educators

The Kodu classroom kit is a set of lesson plans and activities for educators, after-school instructors, parents, peer mentors and administrators. The entire kit is available as a single zip file for download or as single lesson plans available below:

Kodu Touch Primer Video



Kodu: Mars Edition Video


Other videos available on our YouTube channel include:

And more!


Planet Kodu was a resource developed by ideasLAB to support users of Kodu Game Lab (PC edition) and closed in late 2013. Thank you Planet Kodu and ideasLAB for allowing us to use this information and not letting their hard work disappear!

Tutorial 1 (Easy)
The object of the challenge is to change the Kodu character’s instructions to that it moves towards the castle.


Tutorial 02 (Easy)
Teach <cycle> to jump! Is it easy as it looks? How few lines can you use to make this kode happen?


Tutorial 03 v01 (Tricky)
Program <cycle> so he can pick up <apple>. Beware of the <saucer>!



Teleport Challenge (Medium)

Can you create a teleportation machine? Visit level.

Balloon Challenge (Getting harder)

Can you get <kodu> to the castle? Visit level.

Challenge: Double Teleport (Hard)

The teleporters are broken and Kodu needs to get to the Red Island and then to the Blue Island. Can you help? Visit level.

Sailing Challenge (Hard)

Can you help Kodu sail the boat to the castle? Visit level.


Planet Kodu also put together a self-paced “Game Design” course, designed to run through five weeks.

  • Week 1: Getting Started with Kodu
  • Week 2: Rapid Prototyping
  • Week 3: Game Mechanics
  • Week 4: The Game Experience – Theme and Story
  • Week 5: Pushing the Boundaries – Puzzles and Probability
  • Entire course



Senior Lecturer in Game Design at the Waiariki Institute of Technology (Rotorua, New Zealand) Allan Fowler has been doing extensive research about Kodu over the last few years. We reached out to get permission to share these works with our worldwide Kodu audience so that everyone could benefit from this work.